About Us



I t is our pleasure and excitement to introduce our brand new restaurant to our beloved customers. SushiJin NextDoor first started at the heart of Silver Spring Maryland under the title of “Sushi Jin” back in 2006. Soon our second Sushi Jin was established near Fairfax Virginia and Alexandria through 2008 and 2012. And last but not least, with a brand new title, SushiJin NextDoor is placed with fullrenovation.

SushiJin NextDoor’s casual atmosphere can be enjoyed by anyone in anytime. We are specialized in drinks such as Japanese beers and sakes which will be accommodated with our fresh sushi and other dishes. As a healthy and well-being food provider, we have been growing up and developed for the last 7~8 years along influencing our customers’ healthy eating habits. At SushiJin NextDoor, you will experience the most unique, delicate, yet healthy and delicious meals created by our talented Japanese and Asian staffs with professional experiences in Japanese cuisine.

Our goal is to serve qualitative, special, and the best dishes to all of you, as if you were our loved ones. Please try and make SushiJin NextDoor as your next dining experience.

Thank you all